Exclusive look at LE 17” Aurora by D23!

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Disney Maleficent Battle Doll

For those of you who are interested, she is a Comic Con exclusive doll and there are some available online right now at Toys R Us! She looks beautiful!

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If you could only get two of the Sleeping Beauty dolls, which ones would you go for?

Aurora and Maleficent!

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Hello! So in the designer fairytale collection I only want the aurora and cinderlla set. I don't want the whole thing. Plus I don't have that much money so I was wondering what I would do if I only wanted two sets. How would I order them?

The couples will go on sale individually in store and online. If Disney follows the same process as last year, then the dolls will go on sale every other week and you will have a chance to buy them in the store by raffle. If you are unlucky in the store, the dolls will go on sale online the following morning.

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I don't know if you have already answered this question, but do you know if the LE Maleficent and Phillip dolls will be released at a later date than Aurora? I would assume so because of internet traffic, but what really like to know if Maleficent and Phillip will be revealed before Aurora will even go on sale? I know I can't afford both Aurora and Maleficent so I wanted to see which one I liked better if possible?

Maleficent and Phillip will be surprise dolls, which means that they will not be released until October 7th so you have time to save up :) Aurora will go on pre-order first starting Monday in stores!

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How often does Disney release a le D23 doll? Are they difficult to acquire?

They release a D23 doll at the actual D23 convention which is bi-annual. There will not be a D23 designer doll this year, but there might be next year depending on if Disney continues with the designer dolls. I can imagine that they are difficult to aquire. A lot of people attend the convention and the LE size is usually pretty small.

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Hi :) To pre-order the Aurora LE doll online, do I have to be up at 3 a.m or midnight?

That completely depends on what time zone you live in. It is 12 am PST and 3 am EST! :)

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Hi ! Which category on the disney website would it be easiest to find the doll once released ? I.e new arrivals, dolls, sleeping beauty?

Sleeping Beauty! Once the doll comes online I will post a link!!

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Limited Edition Ariel <3 by TheBloodyMermaid on Flickr.
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which one do you think is more detailed/beautiful: Aurora or November Elsa?

I am going to go with Aurora!

1 day ago on 24 July 2014 at 1:08am
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