Hello! How are you doing? How early should I be at the store next Tuesday? I practically have all the day off and I'm planning on getting Aurora and Maleficent, Thank you!❤️

Hey there! I’m pretty good! So excited about next Tuesday! I love when I add new dolls to my collection :) I would at least get to the store two hours early to ensure your spot. You would rather stand there for two hours and know you are getting the doll then miss out!

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Before we have official photos of the boxes for the surprise dolls, lets guess what color the boxes will be! In the past surprise dolls have always been a different color than the princesses (who always have a white box). So, what color do you think/hope the dolls boxes will be?

My guesses/hopes:

Maleficent: fiery green

Blue Aurora: light blue

Phillip: dark grey

What do you think?

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My Fairytale Designer Collection Ariel :)


My Fairytale Designer Collection Ariel :)

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Seeing how Tiana and Pocahontas haven't exactly flown off the DisneyStore website shelves, how do you think Cinderella is going to go next week? She's the only one I'm interested in getting, and I'm totally prepared to get up at 3 AM, but if she's going to still be there at a more reasonable hour I'd rather wait. Do you think she'll be as slow to move as these first two, or will she be the tipping point of popularity for this series?

I believe Cinderella is the most popular of the entire set so I would definitely be prepared at 3 am. Don’t forget- 3 other dolls will be releasing that night so there will be A LOT of collectors online!

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Hi! Would you know when the silver Cindy was released? There was no D23 this year, was there? She is soooo beautiful!!!

She was released in 2011 at the D23 Expo!

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D23 exclusive silver Cinderella

LE 250

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Frozen 17” LE dolls + outfits

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I think my favorite part about the November set is the extra detail! The backgrounds for both dolls are amazing! Also, I love that Anna and Elsa have their arms extended out to each other and they are looking at one another. I love it!

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Hi there! I'm from Australia, never bought any dolls but I'd really like to look into it. Do you know where I would start looking? Thanks :)

Hey! Hmm, I would start looking on eBay or Amazon. Also, you can try to get them on Disney Store online however shipping will be around $85 :(

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The dolls' price are getting higher and higher! Remember when they are 99$... Why are they 129.99 now? Last time I check, they're 119.99 :((

The fairytale designer sets are $129.99, which is the same price they were last year. The 17” dolls did raise in price $20 with pink Aurora. I don’t think they will go any higher though.

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Upcoming release dates:
17" Aurora (pink and blue), Maleficent, and Phillip: October 7th
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Aurora DFDC: October 21st